There are many paths to positive well-being. All of them are connected and inter-related. An imbalance in one area may lead to dissatisfaction in other areas as well. Sometimes the thing that seems most out of balance is symptomatic of something less obvious that deserves attention. This discomfort can be felt in symptoms including: depression, anxiety, self sabotaging thoughts, career issues, relationship issues, stress, insomnia, constriction, or chronic pain and fatigue.

Working together, we'll identify a plan to restore balance using the tools that are effective and appropriate. The goal is the right balance of the following:

Professional: the pathway to meaningful work
Physical: the pathway to fluidity
Creativity: the pathway to aliveness
Mental/Psychological: the pathway to congruence
Relationships: the pathway to connection
Spirituality: the pathway to peace

Susan Hewitt has worked in corporate and non profit settings for 30 years with individuals and organizations in marketing and communications, training and development, leadership facilitation, and team building, assessing needs, identifying resources, establishing gap analyses, setting measurable goals and implementing plans to achieve desired outcomes.

In private practice since 1997 as an Executive Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, Susan has become increasingly interested and active in the connections between mind, body and spirit, bringing to clients a multi-faceted approach to positive well-being. Working together with the client to unbundle the circumstances around the stressor(s) and looking at holistic strategies, success is found in restoring individual or collective systems to wholeness and wellness.