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In today's competitive marketplace, it's essential more than ever for individuals to have a strong sense of themselves so that they can identify meaningful work and articulate their gifts and talents effectively to land and sustain that work. Some of the steps along the way include answering the following:

  1. Ideal Job Checklist
    • What is my value for work?
    • What are my transferable strengths?
    • What are the ingredients in my ideal work?
    • What are some options to consider now and in the future?
  2. Gathering Data About My Options
    • Who/where is the buyer of my strengths?
    • How do I need to modify my options so that they are viable?
    • What is my current market worth?
    • How do I organize a focused campaign to test my options?
  3. Communicating My Value in a Compelling Way
    • What are the most appropriate ways to communicate to my audience?
    • How can I remain proactive in the interview process?
    • How do I prepare for answering the most difficult questions in interviewing?
    • How do I separate the interview from the negotiation process?
  4. Landing the Right Job and Negotiating the Ongoing Relationship
    • How do I negotiate to get my Ideal Job Checklist?
    • How do I know what is and isn't negotiable?
    • How do I pace the offer process to maximize my leverage?

Steps in the Career Planning Process may be done as pieces or as a whole. In essence it is an ongoing Strategic Planning Process for the individual. Having a process for identifying ongoing opportunities creates empowerment and choice in readiness for inevitable changes that will occur in the marketplace.